Adverse Impact of Frequently Trying Various Diets

It’s true that when you want to lose weight (lose fat) it needs dietary intervention. You are ready to do your best and make changes in your eating habits. However, as I have said in my previous articles, everybody is different and results may take time to come or the diet might not be the right one for you. Whatever it is, when we see no result we tend to abandon a diet pattern we have adopted and move on to another one. For some people, this cycle goes on and on for years.

Sometimes I wonder what’s worse? To be on an unscientific diet for long, or to be on many different diets over a period of time. The answer is actually both are bad!

Why is it bad for your body to keep changing diets?

Trying out various diets in the bid to find the best one that works for your body does more harm than good because it makes your metabolism slower and slower when it has to keep adjusting to new diets.

Every time we start a new diet (that’s not well balanced well or is unscientific) our metabolism increases due to lower intake of calories and hence we see some weight loss. Whether it is a good amount of actual fat loss or unwanted muscle loss depends on the quality of the diet. Then at some point, we stop this diet perhaps because it’s unsustainable or the results have plateaued or for some other reason.

After stopping the diet our metabolism drops drastically and goes even below where it was previously making us gain fat in the process and making it harder to restart and achieve results with another diet and this cycle keeps going on and on. This is how our weight keeps going up and down and is also called as ‘yo-yoing weight’.

The next time you want to make lifestyle changes and introduce healthy nutrition, ensure that your diet is balanced and sustainable for a long period of time. Give your body enough time to start responding to the new diet pattern without being impatient and results will follow. A good diet should make you stronger, energetic, and must make you feel good at all times.

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