Don’t miss these documentaries

Today, I am going to talk about something different! Due to the coronavirus lockdown,  we are all staying home and indoors. It gives us a lot of time to watch TV series and films. So many of us are now using Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for entertainment. These platforms offer some fantastic films and TV shows on various topics. So, today I thought I will suggest to you 1 show on each of these platforms, that I thought was life-changing.



  1. Is Sugar the New Fat? – This documentary is available on ‘Amazon Prime Video’. It takes us through a lot of foods that we normally eat including slices of bread, cereal, sauces, etc. and tells us how sugar creeps into our daily diets. It shows us how much sugar we consume on a daily basis and don’t even realize it. It also shows us why every packaged food has sugar in it and in a way we don’t even notice. Long term impacts of high sugar diets are also briefly covered in this insightful documentary. Must watch! You can watch it and decide for yourself how you feel about it.




  1. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – This is a very good documentary on ‘Netflix’ on simply ‘Organising’ your home and office spaces. I watched it and used some fantastic tips given on the show to organize my closet and room. ‘Organising’ can be lifechanging. Tidying up can not only make your house look spacious but also declutter your mind and make way for new, creative, and happy thoughts. Talking about home workouts, just creating a good ambiance and vibe in your room will increase the number of times you feel like exercising. It’ll impact you in more than one way.


While we are at home, we can use our time well by watching something on TV that’s useful and lifechanging. Enjoy the documentaries suggested above and let me know how you find them.

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