Props At Home For Exercise


What if I told you today, that I am going to give you a list of 4 unique workout equipments, which are present in your house but you haven’t thought of them before! Challenging your body with heavy weights is a great way of developing strength and muscle mass. If you’re creative enough, you’ll find ways to create challenging equipment at home.

After all, equipment in the gyms are inspired from day-to-day life. Here’s a fun fact! Have you heard of strongman competitions? Competitors in strongman competitions have to move the highest weights possible. They use the most uncommon props. Sometimes cows and buffaloes are loaded on a slab and hung across a rod on both sides which the competitor has to carry from point A to point B. It takes immense strength!

Today we are going to take inspiration from the strongman competitions and learn to make our own strength training and conditioning gear at home.

If I asked you to list some of the exercise equipment easily available in every home, I am sure most of you will say 2-liter bottles of water, a carpet as a mat, and perhaps a chair.

Well, consider some of these interesting ideas too!
1. Two buckets of water filled to 3/4th of their capacity can offer resistance of at least 14 kg each.
2. Thick hardbound books. My personal training course manual weighs 2.5 kg which is more than the weight of dumbbells I own.
3. A handkerchief! Seems out of place, isn’t it? Now here’s the thing. A handkerchief tied over your eyes can be easily used to increase your focus and balancing skills. In other words, our body-mind connection is improved when you can’t see. What’s more? Add some stones to the handkerchief and use it as an ankle weight.
4. For exercises that require you to lift the weight above your head, just load any travel bag with books and use this heavy bag to challenge yourself!

If you need even more motivation, checkout ‘2019 World’s Strongest Man Final’ on YouTube. Create a strongman competition using some of your home equipment and invite your friends to join. Send us your photos and videos! We will be happy to see them.

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