Want to know your fitness level? Check out these 5 fitness tests.

Fitness is one of those words used so often nowadays. I feel our brains don’t even register anything truly important anymore when we hear this term. After all, how much can a person learn just by reading about staying fit? Unless we are able to measure it for ourselves and apply it to our lives, an article is nothing but just another piece of information. That’s why today you yourself are going to discover how fit you are on 5 different fitness parameters.

Because of the Coronavirus lockdown, many people now have the time to look after themselves, think about their health, and become fitter both physically and mentally. Are you one of them? Now is a great time to start and slowly settle into a regular exercise routine. So, here are 5 fitness tests to test your overall current fitness levels against 5 components of fitness. Go ahead and try it!


1. Cardiovascular endurance – Continue to do high knees for 1 minute.
2. Muscular strength – Do 10 pushups or do 15 squats with the full range of motion.
3. Flexibility – Be able to touch your toes and hold for 15 seconds.
4. Body composition – If you are carrying a lot loose fat tissue on your body then your fat percent is probably high. E.g. having fat stored on your stomach area, on your back, thighs, or arms.
5. Sleep and regular bowel movement – Are you able to fall asleep easily and get 6-8 hours of good sleep daily? Do you have a regular bowel routine?


What you have achieved by doing the above is simply followed a logical way to choose a fitness program that will truly benefit you instead of choosing one based on blind faith or for social media influence. Doing a quick fitness test like this also helps you to let your fitness consultants know exactly what you need them to help you with. If your answer to any of the above questions is in the negative, then you need to work on improving those areas of fitness and look for a program that will help you do that at home during the lockdown. Now, the funny thing about achieving a good level of fitness is that it’s never permanent. Our body basically gives up on us when we give up on looking after our body. So, my advice for those who are already-fit and are able to pass the above test with flying colors is to maintain and improve your levels of fitness and keep your body challenged.

In the end, I will like to leave you with this important thought. Jack Ma, a billionaire and founder of Alibaba famously once said that “If you put money and health in front of people, they tend to choose money because too many people do not know that health can bring more money and happiness.” What will you choose?

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