Fitness: Hobby or Necessity?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when anybody says ‘FITNESS’? Is it a recreational activity for you or is it the most indispensable thing in your life? Have you ever taken a moment to think what’s up with your body? What’s really going on inside there? If you are anything like the 99% of us, you wouldn’t have given it that much of a thought. Why should you when all’s working just fine! We only tend to think about our fitness in retrospect when something alarming happens to us e.g. Our old clothes are not fitting us anymore or our current photograph and wedding photograph doesn’t match or even worse our knees have started hurting and now doctor has advised, guess what, ‘Exercise!’.

       Let’s take a look at one Mr. Rahul’s story. Rahul celebrated his 30th birthday a month ago. He works at a multinational company and makes good enough amount of money. Up until now physical fitness was just another hobby for Rahul for which he didn’t spare dedicated time in a day. But a routine medical check up has thrown up an unexpected result at him! He’s been diagnosed as prediabetic and advised to be very careful with his dietary habits. He’s slightly taken aback, but is being proactive and has found himself a good nutritionist and fitness trainer called Mark. When they met for the first time, this is what Mark asked him, “Why now? Why not before? Are you here because your health is at risk now?.” And Mark has a point, because physical fitness was meant to prevent health problems rather than cure them later. It was supposed to be an integral part of Rahul’s life and Mark needed to ensure that Rahul’s outlook towards fitness changed before they began working on the cure. Forcing introspection and bringing a change in perspective was the only way to ensure that Rahul will work hard at staying fit henceforth!

      If you take a step back and think about Rahul’s situation, you’ll be able to identify many Rahuls among your friends and family or perhaps Rahul was noone else but you! Today’s lifestyle makes us all so busy and tired that we run away from physical tasks such as lifting a heavy object from the ground or walking a mile. Not to mention that most of us can afford a helper to do these tasks for us. Increased stress at work, change in environmental conditions and a change in eating habits has led to a sedentary lifestyle and rise in lifestyle diseases.The aspiration to look good and feel good is there, but then again we don’t want to work for it! It’s like everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

       Physical fitness and mental strength are two sides of the same coin. The mind and body are not separate entities but are fundamentally linked, and therefore exercise and a nutritious diet is fodder for a strong body and a sharp mind. This is also the mantra for longevity (some might call it immortality but that’s exaggeration!).

     By now it should be clear that fitness should be a daily activity rather than being a hobby. Physical fitness was never meant to be a hobby. A hobby is something which you do in your free time or whenever it is convenient to you. Now think about it, do you take a bath when it’s convenient to you or you take it daily? Well you bathe daily because if you don’t your body will start stinking. In the same way, every day that you haven’t exercised, it is stinking from the inside and you might just notice it when you start gaining weight, your blood sugars rise or your knees have started hurting and the doctor has prescribed some desperate weight loss measures.

      Don’t wait for this day and be another Rahul. Take a moment to ask yourself, “why tomorrow, why not today and everyday from now on?”. P.S: Mark’s watching you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shruti says:

    Good content. Enjoy reading.


  2. aditi pal says:

    Very nice article. Completly agree. Fitness should be a lifestyle, and its not just for body, but mind too!


  3. Asif says:

    Common sense given in very simpler form.Even though people think that fitness is doctors presciption ..that nothing can be done to our Rahul.

    Liked by 1 person

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